SIFU Graham Abdulla

Kung Fu: 6th Degree Black Sash
Kickboxing: 5th Degree Black Belt

In 1974 I began to train in Shotokan Karate whilst I was still at school. My training continued for about two years until, in 1976 I began to learn Lau Gar  Kung Fu under Sifu George Wellington. I passed my first degree Black Sash in 1980.                                                      Shortly after this Sifu George Wellington passed away due to a heart defect. This was a contributory factor which prompted me to open a Lau Gar Kung Fu school at St James Church in Pitsmoor, Sheffield. This was my second club as I had already opened the Buxton School of Kung Fu a year earlier in 1979.

I spent over 20 years fighting and competing in tournaments all over Britain, winning many competitions and titles in full/semi contact sparing, empty hand forms and weapon forms. During this time i became the Martial Arts Illustrated Grand Champion by taking 1st place in all three senior categories of fighting, empty hand forms and weapon forms. This is something which to this day has never been equalled by any other fighter.

In the late nineties i gave up competing to develop the schools and help my students to realise their potential. I have helped many students to achieve their Black Sash and have coached fighters to go on and win national titles.

I am currently a Six Degree Black Sash and in 2000 i was invited by Master Jeremy Yau to become a founding member of the Lau Gar Guardians, a select group of senior instructors entrusted with protecting and developing Lau Gar Kung Fu.

Since 2005 I have travelled to China in order to grow my understanding of Kung Fu and as a consequence I was able to add diffrent elements from a variety of styles which has enabled me to develop the Five Animals Kung Fu system.   


Kung Fu: 3rd Degree Black Sash
Kickboxing: 4th Degree Black Belt

I first started training in 1979 at the age of 12. I followed my brother Graham into Kung Fu and trained with the late George Wellington at his club on London Road in Sheffield where Graham was one of the instructors.

Graham became a Black Sash and soon opened his club on Scot Road in Pitsmoor, Sheffield - I decided to continue my training there.

Under my brothers guidance, during the eighties and nineties I started entering tournaments, both locally and nationally, taking over eighty trophies and holding British and European titles in semi contact and light continuous sparring. At the age of eighteen I started boxing to develop my kickboxing techniques and had a short but flourishing amateur career. The skills i learned helped to develop my outlook on kickboxing.

In 1994 I achieved my 1st Degree Black Sash,  in 1996 I opened my first school in Walkley. In 1997 i gained my 2nd Degree Black Sash in Lau Gar kickboxing. I am currently a 3rd Degree Lau Gar Black Sash and a 4th Degree Black Belt in kickboxing.

Teaching was fantastic and it was something i really enjoyed so in 1997, together with Graham, we decided to open the Sheffield Academy of Martial Arts.

More classes were opened in the following years and today we have one of Sheffield's premier martial arts school.

Since the year 2000 I have worked for Sheffield College teaching kickboxing.

SIFU Adrian Abdulla