RE Opening 

 Saturday July 25th

I’m pleased to say we are now ready to open Saturday 25th.  10 am start for the kids (U10s) kickboxing class – we have put together a comprehensive risk assessment along with a training policy.


There has to be some changes in order for us to meet government guide lines they are:

  • Classes will be 45 minutes long – and there will be no class overlaps -  this is to enable a safe entrance and exit as well as allowing time for any necessary cleaning. Please note all class times will start at the same time as before except finish 15 mins earlier.

  • Classes will have to be booked in advance – text, call or message your instructor if you wish to train – spaces are now limited due to social distancing – following recommendations from the governing bodies each student should have 100 square feet to train safely.

  • From August 2020 all classes will have to be paid for monthly the payment date will be the 1st of the month paid by bacs transfer or standing order.               There will be two training options;                                

  • A. 1 session per week                            

  • B. Unlimited training per week 

Further information will be available from your instructor.


It is recomended to ask your instructor about equipment. The training uniform which includes black SAMA T shirt and black Kung Fu trousers or red SAMA T shirt with black and red kickboxing trousers or shorts is purchased directly from your instructor.






From time to time it is good to ask ourselves this question: 'Am I giving it my all'?. Lau Gar Kung Fu has a distinguished reputation amongst other martial arts, its black sashes are highly skilled in empty hand and weapon forms, its fighters are among the most successful in the world. In short our standard is very high, after all that is probably what attracted you to Kung Fu in the first place.

Having become a member of our organisation you play a vital role, not only in maintaining the standard but also in taking it to a higher level. We live in a throw away society where most things are easy come, easy go. Make no mistakes reaching the top in our academy requires discipline, determination, dedication and sacrifice. Unfortunately these qualities are not so easy to come by and must be practised regularly. You need to have goals that can be reached and reassessed, don't allow yourself to drift along in your comfort zone.

You are fortunate to belong to an organisation whose instructors are highly trained in the martial arts and genuinely care about their students welfare. We are there to offer advice and help in any way we can. This takes trust and respect. We aim to give this trust and respect to each and every student and expect the same level of commitment in return. The commitment you make is to attend a minimum of two hours a week, obviously there are times when you are unable to attend certain classes, however we now run classes most days of the week where you are welcome to train.


Come and give it ago
Stretching Tips.

September 2016

When training at one of the academy's classes the instructors combine a warm-up routine with stretching; this is to loosen up your muscles so that you will be able to take part in the lesson and keep injuries to a minimum.

Stretching is a very important part of your training and it will keep you supple and flexible. To gain maximum benefit students should aim to stretch at least 3 times a week. It will probably be necessary to stretch at home if you don't come to the class regularly. You can follow the routine your instructor has shown you in the class, it can last from as little as ten minutes to as long as you like.

A warm up routine should be done before stretching to increase the heart rate and get the blood flowing faster - this can be skipping or jogging on the spot.
Once you have warmed up you may begin to stretch, try to aim for 'good form' rather than trying to get down low. A good example would be when you are sat on the floor with your legs open in front of you and you are using your hands to touch your toes; don't bend your knees to make it possible, you will get greater benefits from the stretch if your legs are kept straight (even if you can't reach your toes).                                                                                               Never hold your breath when stretching, try to breath out when going in to a stretch and remember to try and relax your body. Don't bounce into stretches, this will only pull the muscles like an elastic band so when you've finished there won't be any long lasting improvement with your stretch. This type of stretching is also quite dangerous and can lead to pulled muscles.


Try to hold your stretches for around 15 -20 seconds, this way you will lengthen the muscles which is what you are aiming for. Remember you must listen to your body, stretching shouldn't be painful, it should feel a little uncomfortable. The more you practice the more accustomed to the feeling and sensations of stretching you will become.